Give your development team AI superpowers

Codota automatically learns the patterns and rules in your company’s proprietary code and makes sure your developers have the best code insights, whenever and wherever they need them.

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Codota introduction

Contextual code insights,
directly in the IDE

  • Code Prediction

    Codota provides unparalleled code completion and suggestion based on developers’ activity in the IDE. Less code re-invention, shorter time, fewer bugs!

  • Error Prevention

    Codota learns your best practices and warns developers in case of deviation.

  • Expert advice

    Your domain experts can easily teach Codota to bring their relevant experience to every developer at the right time.

Learning your code

Codota runs deep code learning algorithms on your code and reputable open source code to discover practices that are the de-facto coding standards.

It then formulates unwritten rules that keep your system away from trouble and serve your developers as the ultimate source of coding insight.

Build software
smarter and faster

  • Prevent critical defects

    Your code quality improves dramatically by using credible references and getting early warning before creating bugs. Especially important when it comes to security, performance and stability.

  • Ship faster

    Codota lets your team easily reuse or learn from working code instead of building new code from scratch, and reduces the amount of bug fixing iterations thanks to early detection.

  • Maximum reuse,
    minimum Technical Debt

    Long term maintainability of your code improves dramatically by using Codota:

    • Less code duplication
    • More standardization
    • Easier riddance of old/bad practices

    Critical for moving fast as your software grows and evolves

  • Improve learning curves

    Codota makes domain knowledge and expert advice about code in your project shared faster and more effectively than ever before. Be it a new developer on the team or an experienced developer doing something new - Codota helps your people get up-to-speed faster.

Ittai Zeidman

Backend Engineering Lead at

“ Codota helps us code faster and make fewer errors”

Codota gives us the code we need from all relevant repositories - in our IDE. It’s just so much better than trying to find code using plain textual search.

Built for teams and

  • Your code stays private

    Whether you decide to use Codota’s cloud service or choose to host Codota on-premise, we make sure that your code stays private and strongly encrypted so that only your authorized team members can see it.

  • Available for Java & Scalamore languages coming soon

    Codota’s learning is based on analysis of underlying semantic models of your code, not just the source code itself. Codota currently analyzes Java and Scala, more languages are coming soon.

  • Quick and easy setup

    Codota plugs into your existing code with very little effort from your side. Basic integration is merely adding a single step to your build script.

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