Package org.springframework.web.servlet.config.annotation

 Helps with configuring options for asynchronous request processing. API Doc
 Helps with configuring a ContentNegotiationManager. By default strategies for checking the extension of the request path and the Accept header… API Doc
 Configures a request handler for serving static resources by forwarding the request to the Servlet container's "default" Servlet. This is intended… API Doc
 A sub-class of WebMvcConfigurationSupport that detects and delegates to all beans of type WebMvcConfigurer allowing them to customize the … API Doc
 Helps with configuring a list of mapped interceptors. API Doc
 Helps with configuring HandlerMappings path matching options such as trailing slash match, suffix registration, path matcher and path helper. … API Doc
 Stores registrations of resource handlers for serving static resources such as images, css files and others through Spring MVC including setting… API Doc
 Assists with the registration of simple automated controllers pre-configured with status code and/or a view. API Doc
 Assist with the configuration of a chain of ViewResolver instances. This class is expected to be used via… API Doc
 This is the main class providing the configuration behind the MVC Java config. It is typically imported by adding @EnableWebMvc to an application… API Doc
 An implementation of WebMvcConfigurer with empty methods allowing sub-classes to override only the methods they're interested in. API Doc