Package org.springframework.core.env

 Composite PropertySource implementation that iterates over a set of PropertySource instances. Necessary in cases where multiple property sources … API Doc
 Configuration interface to be implemented by most if not all Environment types. Provides facilities for setting active and default profiles and… API Doc
 A PropertySource implementation capable of interrogating its underlying source object to enumerate all possible property name/value pairs. Exposes… API Doc
 PropertySource that reads keys and values from a Map object. API Doc
 Default implementation of the PropertySources interface. Allows manipulation of contained property sources and provides a constructor for copying… API Doc
 PropertySource implementation that extracts properties from a java.util.Properties object. Note that because a Properties object is technically… API Doc
 Abstract base class representing a source of name/value property pairs. The underlying source object may be of any type T that encapsulates … API Doc
 PropertyResolver implementation that resolves property values against an underlying set of PropertySources. API Doc
 Environment implementation suitable for use in 'standard' (i.e. non-web) applications. In addition to the usual functions of a… API Doc

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