AI powered Code Intelligence Platform

Codota is an AI-powered Code Intelligence Platform that helps you create better software, faster. Codota learns code, and from human experts, to make global knowledge available to programmers as they read or write code.

Codota learns proprietary codebases - this solution is available as SaaS or on-premise software. Codota currently supports Java, languages will be added soon.

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Make more from your existing
code assets

  • Faster time to market

  • Risk reduction:
    bugs, security, compliance

  • Standardization

  • Less technical debt for the long term

Integrated with your workflow

  • Contextual insights when writing code in the IDE:

    coding guidelines, permitted libraries, predictions, references

  • Contextual insights when reading code in the browser

  • Semantic search for references

  • Analytics for API owners: deprecation, dependency analysis

  • API for customers to build their apps using Codota platform data

Ittai Zeidman

Backend Engineering Lead at

“ Codota helps us code faster and make fewer errors”

Codota gives us the code we need from all relevant repositories - in our IDE. It’s just so much better than trying to find code using plain textual search.

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