Code example for ModelMap

 * <p>This resolver must be listed ahead of 
 * {@link org.springframework.web.method.annotation.ModelMethodProcessor} and 
 * {@link org.springframework.web.method.annotation.MapMethodProcessor}, 
 * which support {@link Map} and {@link Model} arguments both of which are 
 * "super" types of {@code RedirectAttributes} and would also attempt to 
 * resolve a {@code RedirectAttributes} argument. 
 * @author Rossen Stoyanchev 
 * @since 3.1 
public class RedirectAttributesMethodArgumentResolver implements HandlerMethodArgumentResolver {
	public boolean supportsParameter(MethodParameter parameter) {
		return RedirectAttributes.class.isAssignableFrom(parameter.getParameterType());
	public Object resolveArgument(MethodParameter parameter, ModelAndViewContainer mavContainer,