Code example for BeanDefinitionHolder

Methods: getBeanDefinition

		return beanDefinition;
	protected void registerBeanDefinition(BeanDefinitionHolder definition, BeanDefinitionRegistry registry) {
		String scope = definition.getBeanDefinition().getScope();
		if (!AbstractBeanDefinition.SCOPE_DEFAULT.equals(scope) && !AbstractBeanDefinition.SCOPE_SINGLETON.equals(scope) && !AbstractBeanDefinition.SCOPE_PROTOTYPE.equals(scope)) {
			definition = ScopedProxyUtils.createScopedProxy(definition, registry, false);
		super.registerBeanDefinition(definition, registry);
	 * Subclasses must implement this method to create the bean definition. 
	 * The class must be defined, and any implementation-specific constructor 
	 * arguments or properties should be configured. This base class will 
	 * configure the interceptors including the 'datatype' interceptor if 
	 * the 'datatype' attribute is defined on the channel element. 
	 * @param element The element.