Code example for RemoteInvocationFailureException

		catch (Throwable ex) { 
			if (result.hasInvocationTargetException()) { 
				throw ex; 
			else { 
				throw new RemoteInvocationFailureException("Invocation of method [" + methodInvocation.getMethod() + 
						"] failed in JMS invoker remote service at queue [" + this.queue + "]", ex); 
	 * Create a new RemoteInvocation object for the given AOP method invocation. 
	 * The default implementation delegates to the RemoteInvocationFactory. 
	 * <p>Can be overridden in subclasses to provide custom RemoteInvocation 
	 * subclasses, containing additional invocation parameters like user credentials. 
	 * Note that it is preferable to use a custom RemoteInvocationFactory which 
	 * is a reusable strategy. 
	 * @param methodInvocation the current AOP method invocation 
	 * @return the RemoteInvocation object 
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