Code example for XmlBeanFactory

Methods: getBean

			configPath) {
		if(factory != null) {
			return factory;
		Resource resource = new FileSystemResource(configPath);
		XmlBeanFactory xmlFactory = new XmlBeanFactory(resource);
		factory = (ExclusionFilterFactory) xmlFactory.getBean(CONFIG_ID);
		return factory;
	 * @param configPath String path to local Sprint XML configuration. This 
	 *        Spring config file must include a bean with id "excluder-factory" 
	 *        that implements  
	 *        org.archive.wayback.accesscontrol.ExclusionFilterFactory 
	 * @return an excluder fully configured via the XML Spring configuration  
	 * at configPath  
	public static ExternalExcluder getExcluder(String configPath) {
		return new ExternalExcluder(getFactory(configPath).get());
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