Code example for DefaultConversionService

public class DefaultDatatypeChannelMessageConverter implements MessageConverter, 
		BeanFactoryAware {
	private volatile ConversionService conversionService = new DefaultConversionService();
	private volatile boolean conversionServiceSet;
	 * Specify the {@link ConversionService} to use when trying to convert to 
	 * requested type. If this property is not set explicitly but 
	 * the converter is managed within a context, it will attempt to locate a 
	 * bean named "integrationConversionService" defined within that context. 
	 * @param conversionService The conversion service. 
	public void setConversionService(ConversionService conversionService) {
		Assert.notNull(conversionService, "'conversionService' must not be null");
		this.conversionService = conversionService;