Code example for ServletWebRequest

		paramMultiValueMap = new MethodParameter(method, 1); 
		paramNamedMap = new MethodParameter(method, 2); 
		paramMapWithoutAnnot = new MethodParameter(method, 3); 
		request = new MockHttpServletRequest(); 
		webRequest = new ServletWebRequest(request, new MockHttpServletResponse()); 
	public void supportsParameter() { 
		assertTrue("Map parameter not supported", resolver.supportsParameter(paramMap)); 
		assertTrue("MultiValueMap parameter not supported", resolver.supportsParameter(paramMultiValueMap)); 
		assertFalse("Map with name supported", resolver.supportsParameter(paramNamedMap)); 
		assertFalse("non-@RequestParam map supported", resolver.supportsParameter(paramMapWithoutAnnot)); 
	public void resolveMapArgument() throws Exception { 
		String name = "foo"; 
		String value = "bar"; 
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