Code example for WebRequest

Methods: getAttribute, setAttribute

	 * Obtain the {@link WebAsyncManager} for the current request, or if not 
	 * found, create and associate it with the request. 
	public static WebAsyncManager getAsyncManager(WebRequest webRequest) { 
		int scope = RequestAttributes.SCOPE_REQUEST; 
		WebAsyncManager asyncManager = (WebAsyncManager) webRequest.getAttribute(WEB_ASYNC_MANAGER_ATTRIBUTE, scope); 
		if (asyncManager == null) { 
			asyncManager = new WebAsyncManager(); 
			webRequest.setAttribute(WEB_ASYNC_MANAGER_ATTRIBUTE, asyncManager, scope); 
		return asyncManager; 
	 * Create an AsyncWebRequest instance. By default an instance of 
	 * {@link StandardServletAsyncWebRequest} is created if running in Servlet 
	 * 3.0 (or higher) environment or as a fallback, an instance of 
	 * {@link NoSupportAsyncWebRequest} is returned. 
	 * @param request the current request