Code example for WebMvcConfigurationSupport

public class WebMvcConfig extends WebMvcConfigurationSupport { 
     * We mention this in the book, but this helps to ensure that the intercept-url patterns prevent access to our 
     * controllers. For example, once security has been applied for administrators try commenting out the modifications 
     * to the super class and requesting <a 
     * href="http://localhost:800/calendar/events/.html">http://localhost:800/calendar/events/.html</a>. You will 
     * observe that security is bypassed since it did not match the pattern we provided. In later chapters, we discuss 
     * how to secure the service tier which helps mitigate bypassing of the URL based security too. 
    public RequestMappingHandlerMapping requestMappingHandlerMapping() { 
        RequestMappingHandlerMapping result = super.requestMappingHandlerMapping();