Code example for AbstractBeanDefinition

Methods: setSource

	public static AbstractBeanDefinition getSourceBeanDefinition(BeanDefinitionBuilder builder, Object source) {
		Assert.notNull(builder, "Builder must not be null!");
		AbstractBeanDefinition definition = builder.getRawBeanDefinition();
		return definition;
	 * Returns a {@link BeanDefinition} for an {@link ObjectFactoryCreatingFactoryBean} pointing to the bean with the 
	 * given name. 
	 * @param targetBeanName must not be {@literal null} or empty. 
	 * @param source 
	 * @return 
	public static AbstractBeanDefinition getObjectFactoryBeanDefinition(String targetBeanName, Object source) {
		Assert.hasText(targetBeanName, "Target bean name must not be null or empty!");