Code example for MutablePropertyValues

Methods: add

    private void parseReferenceAttribute(Element element, String referenceName, String propertyName,
                                         MutablePropertyValues properties, Class<?> autowiredType) {
        if (element.hasAttribute(referenceName)) {
            properties.add(propertyName, new RuntimeBeanReference(element.getAttribute(referenceName)));
        } else if (autowiredType != null) {
            properties.add(propertyName, createAutowiredBean(autowiredType));
     * Parse the {@link LockingStrategy} selection and make it a constructor argument. 
     * @param element The {@link org.w3c.dom.Element} being parsed. 
     * @param builder The {@link} being used to 
     *                construct the {@link org.springframework.beans.factory.config.BeanDefinition}. 
    private void parseLockingStrategy(Element element, GenericBeanDefinition builder) {
        if (element.hasAttribute(LOCK_MANAGER_ATTRIBUTE)) {
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