Code example for RequestConditionHolder

Methods: getCondition

	 * Returns the "custom" condition of this {@link RequestMappingInfo}; or {@code null}. 
	public RequestCondition<?> getCustomCondition() { 
		return this.customConditionHolder.getCondition(); 
	 * Combines "this" request mapping info (i.e. the current instance) with another request mapping info instance. 
	 * <p>Example: combine type- and method-level request mappings. 
	 * @return a new request mapping info instance; never {@code null} 
	public RequestMappingInfo combine(RequestMappingInfo other) { 
		String name = combineNames(other); 
		PatternsRequestCondition patterns = this.patternsCondition.combine(other.patternsCondition); 
		RequestMethodsRequestCondition methods = this.methodsCondition.combine(other.methodsCondition); 
		ParamsRequestCondition params = this.paramsCondition.combine(other.paramsCondition);