Code example for TypeDescriptor

Methods: getSource

    public Object convert(Object source, TypeDescriptor sourceType, TypeDescriptor targetType) {
        Assert.isInstanceOf(HibernateProxy.class, source, "Expected an instance of HibernateProxy to convert");
        Assert.isAssignable(HibernateProxy.class, sourceType.getType(), "Expected a subclass of HibernateProxy for the source type");
        HibernateProxy proxy = (HibernateProxy) source;
        boolean isField = targetType.getSource() instanceof Field;
        boolean isProperty = targetType.getSource() instanceof MethodParameter &&
            BeanUtils.findPropertyForMethod(((MethodParameter)targetType.getSource()).getMethod()) != null;
        if (isField || isProperty) {
            if (!Hibernate.isInitialized(proxy)) {
                return null; 
        return proxy.getHibernateLazyInitializer().getImplementation();
     * {@inheritDoc} 
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