Code example for AbstractSingleBeanDefinitionParser

 * Parse <step-listener/> elements in the batch namespace. 
 * @author Dan Garrette 
 * @since 2.0 
public class TopLevelStepListenerParser extends AbstractSingleBeanDefinitionParser { 
	private static final StepListenerParser stepListenerParser = new StepListenerParser(); 
	protected void doParse(Element element, ParserContext parserContext, BeanDefinitionBuilder builder) { 
		CoreNamespaceUtils.autoregisterBeansForNamespace(parserContext, element); 
		stepListenerParser.doParse(element, parserContext, builder); 
	protected Class<? extends AbstractListenerFactoryBean<?>> getBeanClass(Element element) { 
		return stepListenerParser.getBeanClass(); 
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