Code example for AbstractSingleBeanDefinitionParser

 * the {@code <websocket:inbound-channel-adapter/>} element. 
 * @author Artem Bilan 
 * @since 4.1 
public class WebSocketInboundChannelAdapterParser extends AbstractSingleBeanDefinitionParser {
	protected Class<?> getBeanClass(Element element) {
		return WebSocketInboundChannelAdapter.class; 
	protected String resolveId(Element element, AbstractBeanDefinition definition, ParserContext parserContext)
			throws BeanDefinitionStoreException {
		String id = super.resolveId(element, definition, parserContext);
		if (!element.hasAttribute("channel")) {
			// the created channel will get the 'id', so the adapter's bean name includes a suffix 
			id = id + ".adapter";
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