Code example for BeanPropertyRowMapper

 * @see ParameterizedRowMapper 
 * @deprecated along with {@link SimpleJdbcTemplate}, in favor of the regular 
 * {@link org.springframework.jdbc.core.BeanPropertyRowMapper} 
public class ParameterizedBeanPropertyRowMapper<T> extends BeanPropertyRowMapper<T>
		implements ParameterizedRowMapper<T> {
	 * Static factory method to create a new ParameterizedBeanPropertyRowMapper 
	 * (with the mapped class specified only once). 
	 * @param mappedClass the class that each row should be mapped to 
	public static <T> ParameterizedBeanPropertyRowMapper<T> newInstance(Class<T> mappedClass) {
		ParameterizedBeanPropertyRowMapper<T> newInstance = new ParameterizedBeanPropertyRowMapper<T>();
		return newInstance;