Package org.springframework.web.servlet

 Central dispatcher for HTTP request handlers/controllers, e.g. for web UI controllers or HTTP-based remote service exporters. Dispatches to… API Doc
 A FlashMap provides a way for one request to store attributes intended for use in another. This is most commonly needed when redirecting from one… API Doc
 Base servlet for Spring's web framework. Provides integration with a Spring application context, in a JavaBean-based overall solution. This class… API Doc
 Handler execution chain, consisting of handler object and any handler interceptors. Returned by HandlerMapping's getHandler(HttpServletRequest)… API Doc
 Interface for web-based locale resolution strategies that allows for both locale resolution via the request and locale modification via request… API Doc
 Holder for both Model and View in the web MVC framework. Note that these are entirely distinct. This class merely holds both to make it possible… API Doc
 Exception to be thrown on error conditions that should forward to a specific view with a specific model. Can be thrown at any time during handler… API Doc
 Provides additional information about a View such as whether it performs redirects. API Doc
 Interface for web-based theme resolution strategies that allows for both theme resolution via the request and theme modification via request and… API Doc