Package org.springframework.web.context.request

 Extends WebRequestInterceptor with a callback method invoked during asynchronous request handling. When a handler starts asynchronous request… API Doc
 Abstract support class for RequestAttributes implementations, offering a request completion mechanism for request-specific destruction callbacks… API Doc
 Adapter that implements the Servlet 2.3 HttpSessionBindingListener interface, wrapping a session destruction callback. API Doc
 RequestAttributes adapter for a JSF javax.faces.context.FacesContext. Used as default in a JSF environment, wrapping the current FacesContext. … API Doc
 Extension of the WebRequest interface, exposing the native request and response objects in a generic fashion. Mainly intended for… API Doc
 Servlet 2.4+ listener that exposes the request to the current thread, through both LocaleContextHolder and RequestContextHolder. To be registered… API Doc
 Servlet-based implementation of the RequestAttributes interface. Accesses objects from servlet request and HTTP session scope, with no… API Doc
 Request-backed Scope implementation. Relies on a thread-bound RequestAttributes instance, which can be exported through RequestContextListener, … API Doc
 WebRequest adapter for an javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest. API Doc
 Generic interface for a web request. Mainly intended for generic web request interceptors, giving them access to general request metadata, not for… API Doc
 Interface for general web request interception. Allows for being applied to Servlet request as well as Portlet request environments, by building … API Doc