Package org.springframework.web.client

 Default implementation of the ResponseErrorHandler interface. This error handler checks for the status code on the ClientHttpResponse: any code… API Doc
 Spring's central class for asynchronous client-side HTTP access. Exposes similar methods as RestTemplate, but returns ListenableFuture wrappers as… API Doc
 Exception thrown when an HTTP 4xx is received. API Doc
 Response extractor that uses the given entity converters to convert the response into a type T. API Doc
 Exception thrown when an HTTP 5xx is received. API Doc
 Abstract base class for exceptions based on an HttpStatus. API Doc
 Exception thrown when an I/O error occurs. API Doc
 Base class for exceptions thrown by RestTemplate whenever it encounters client-side HTTP errors. API Doc
 Spring's central class for synchronous client-side HTTP access. It simplifies communication with HTTP servers, and enforces RESTful principles. It… API Doc

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