Package org.springframework.util

 A variation of randomUUID() that uses SecureRandom only for the initial seed and Random thereafter. This provides better performance in exchange… API Doc
 PathMatcher implementation for Ant-style path patterns. Examples are provided below. Part of this mapping code has been kindly borrowed from… API Doc
 Simple List wrapper class that allows for elements to be automatically populated as they are requested. This is particularly useful for data… API Doc
 Composite iterator that combines multiple other iterators, as registered via add(Iterator). This implementation maintains a linked set of… API Doc
 Support class for throttling concurrent access to a specific resource. Designed for use as a base class, with the subclass invoking the… API Doc
 A ConcurrentHashMap that uses soft or weak references for both keys and values. This class can be used as an alternative to … API Doc
 Simple customizable helper class for creating new Thread instances. Provides various bean properties: thread name prefix, thread priority, etc. … API Doc
 Default implementation of the PropertiesPersister interface. Follows the native parsing of java.util.Properties. Allows for reading from any… API Doc
 An InstanceFilter implementation that handles exception types. A type will match against a given candidate if it is assignable to that candidate. API Doc
 A strategy for handling errors. This is especially useful for handling errors that occur during asynchronous execution of tasks that have been … API Doc
 Exception thrown from parseMimeType(String) in case of encountering an invalid content type specification String. API Doc
 LinkedHashMap variant that stores String keys in a case-insensitive manner, for example for key-based access in a results table. Preserves the… API Doc
 Simple implementation of MultiValueMap that wraps a LinkedHashMap, storing multiple values in a LinkedList. This Map implementation is generally… API Doc
 Helper class that allows for specifying a method to invoke in a declarative fashion, be it static or non-static. Usage: Specify… API Doc
 Represents a MIME Type, as originally defined in RFC 2046 and subsequently used in other Internet protocols including HTTP. This class however does… API Doc
 Extension of the Map interface that stores multiple values. API Doc
 Utility class for working with Strings that have placeholder values in them. A placeholder takes the form ${name}. Using PropertyPlaceholderHelper… API Doc
 Callback optionally used to filter methods to be operated on by a method callback.  API Doc
 Simple stop watch, allowing for timing of a number of tasks, exposing total running time and running time for each named task. Conceals use of… API Doc