Abstract application context loader that provides a basis for all concrete implementations of the ContextLoader SPI. Provides a Template Method… API Doc
 Abstract, generic extension of AbstractContextLoader that loads a GenericApplicationContext. Concrete subclasses must provide an appropriate… API Doc
 AbstractDelegatingSmartContextLoader serves as an abstract base class for implementations of the SmartContextLoader SPI that delegate to a set of… API Doc
 Abstract implementation of the TestExecutionListener interface which provides empty method stubs. Subclasses can extend this class and override … API Doc
 Default implementation of the TestContextBootstrapper SPI. Uses DelegatingSmartContextLoader as the default ContextLoader. API Doc
 Concrete implementation of AbstractGenericContextLoader that loads bean definitions from annotated classes. See the Javadoc for … API Doc
 TestExecutionListener which provides support for dependency injection and initialization of test instances. API Doc
 Concrete implementation of AbstractGenericContextLoader that reads bean definitions from XML resources. Default resource locations are detected… API Doc