Holder that combines a Resource with a specific encoding to be used for reading from the resource. Used as argument for operations that support… API Doc
 Base class for JavaBean-style components that need to load properties from one or more resources. Supports local properties as well, with … API Doc
 Helper class for loading a localized resource, specified through name, extension and current locale. API Doc
 Editor for Resource arrays, to automatically convert String location patterns (e.g. "file:C:/my*.txt" or "classpath*:myfile.txt") to Resource… API Doc
 A ResourcePatternResolver implementation that is able to resolve a specified resource location path into one or more matching Resources. The… API Doc
 Subclass of PropertiesPropertySource that loads a Properties object from a given Resource or resource location such as … API Doc
 Strategy interface for resolving a location pattern (for example, an Ant-style path pattern) into Resource objects. This is an extension to the… API Doc

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