Package org.springframework.context

 Interface for objects that are suitable for message resolution in a MessageSource. Spring's own validation error classes implement this interface. API Doc
 Central interface to provide configuration for an application. This is read-only while the application is running, but may be reloaded if the… API Doc
 Interface to be implemented by any object that wishes to be notified of the ApplicationContext that it runs in. Implementing this interface makes… API Doc
 Exception thrown during application context initialization. API Doc
 Class to be extended by all application events. Abstract as it doesn't make sense for generic events to be published directly. API Doc
 Interface that encapsulates event publication functionality. Serves as super-interface for ApplicationContext. API Doc
 Interface to be implemented by application event listeners. Based on the standard java.util.EventListener interface for the Observer design… API Doc
 SPI interface to be implemented by most if not all application contexts. Provides facilities to configure an application context in addition to… API Doc
 Strategy interface for resolving messages, with support for the parameterization and internationalization of such messages. Spring provides two… API Doc
 Exception thrown when a message can't be resolved. API Doc