Package org.springframework.beans.factory.xml

 EntityResolver implementation that tries to resolve entity references through a ResourceLoader (usually, relative to the resource base of an… API Doc
 Convenient base class for when there exists a one-to-one mapping between attribute names on the element that is to be parsed and the property… API Doc
 Base class for those BeanDefinitionParser implementations that need to parse and define just a single BeanDefinition. Extend this parser class… API Doc
 Abstract BeanDefinitionParser implementation providing a number of convenience methods and a template method that subclasses must override to… API Doc
 EntityResolver implementation for the Spring beans DTD, to load the DTD from the Spring class path (or JAR file). Fetches "spring-beans-2.0.dtd"… API Doc
 Stateful delegate class used to parse XML bean definitions. Intended for use by both the main parser and any extension BeanDefinitionParsers or … API Doc
 Spring's default DocumentLoader implementation. Simply loads Document documents using the standard JAXP-configured XML parser. If you want to… API Doc
 Default implementation of the BeanDefinitionDocumentReader interface. Reads bean definitions according to the "spring-beans" DTD and XSD format … API Doc
 EntityResolver implementation that delegates to a BeansDtdResolver and a PluggableSchemaResolver for DTDs and XML schemas, respectively. API Doc
 Default implementation of the NamespaceHandlerResolver interface. Resolves namespace URIs to implementation classes based on the mappings … API Doc
 Support class for implementing custom NamespaceHandlers. Parsing and decorating of individual Node Nodes is done via BeanDefinitionParser and… API Doc
 EntityResolver implementation that attempts to resolve schema URLs into local classpath resources using a set of mappings files. By default, this… API Doc
 Context that gets passed along a bean definition parsing process, encapsulating all relevant configuration as well as state. Nested inside an… API Doc
 Bean definition reader for XML bean definitions. Delegates the actual XML document reading to an implementation of the… API Doc
  This class is deprecated. as of Spring 3.1 in favor of DefaultListableBeanFactory and XmlBeanDefinitionReader Convenience extension… API Doc
 Extension of ReaderContext, specific to use with an XmlBeanDefinitionReader. Provides access to the NamespaceHandlerResolver configured in the… API Doc