Package org.springframework.beans.factory.config

 Simple template superclass for FactoryBean implementations that creates a singleton or a prototype object, depending on a flag. If the… API Doc
 Extension of the BeanFactory interface to be implemented by bean factories that are capable of autowiring, provided that they want to expose this… API Doc
 A BeanDefinition describes a bean instance, which has property values, constructor argument values, and further information supplied by concrete… API Doc
 Holder for a BeanDefinition with name and aliases. Can be registered as a placeholder for an inner bean. Can also be used for programmatic… API Doc
 Visitor class for traversing BeanDefinition objects, in particular the property values and constructor argument values contained in them, … API Doc
 Context object for evaluating an expression within a bean definition. API Doc
 Interface that exposes a reference to a bean name in an abstract fashion. This interface does not necessarily imply a reference to an actual bean … API Doc
 Configuration interface to be implemented by most bean factories. Provides facilities to configure a bean factory, in addition to the bean factory … API Doc
 Configuration interface to be implemented by most listable bean factories. In addition to ConfigurableBeanFactory, it provides facilities to … API Doc
 Holder for constructor argument values, typically as part of a bean definition. Supports values for a specific index in the constructor argument… API Doc
 Simple BeanFactoryPostProcessor implementation that registers custom Scope(s) with the containing ConfigurableBeanFactory. Will register all of… API Doc
 Descriptor for a specific dependency that is about to be injected. Wraps a constructor parameter, a method parameter or a field, allowing unified… API Doc
 Adapter that implements all methods on SmartInstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessor as no-ops, which will not change normal processing of each bean… API Doc
 FactoryBean which returns a value which is the result of a static or instance method invocation. For most use cases it is better to just use the… API Doc
 Allows for making a properties file from a classpath location available as Properties instance in a bean factory. Can be used to populate any bean… API Doc
 PlaceholderConfigurerSupport subclass that resolves ${...} placeholders against local properties and/or system properties and environment… API Doc
 Allows for configuration of individual bean property values from a property resource, i.e. a properties file. Useful for custom config files… API Doc
 Immutable placeholder class used for a property value object when it's a reference to another bean in the factory, to be resolved at runtime. API Doc
 Holder for a typed String value. Can be added to bean definitions in order to explicitly specify a target type for a String value, for example for… API Doc
 Factory for a Map that reads from a YAML source. YAML is a nice human-readable format for configuration, and it has some useful hierarchical… API Doc
 Factory for Java Properties that reads from a YAML source. YAML is a nice human-readable format for configuration, and it has some useful… API Doc