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 * @author 王志亮 [qieqie.wang@gmail.com] 
public class RoseVelocityConfigurer extends VelocityConfigurer { 
    /** the name of the resource loader for Rose's bind macros */ 
    private static final String ROSE_MACRO_RESOURCE_LOADER_NAME = "roseMacro"; 
    /** the key for the class of Rose's bind macro resource loader */ 
    private static final String ROSE_MACRO_RESOURCE_LOADER_CLASS = "roseMacro.resource.loader.class"; 
    /** the name of Rose's default bind macro library */ 
    private static final String ROSE_MACRO_LIBRARY = "net/paoding/rose/web/impl/view/velocity/rose.vm"; 
    protected void postProcessVelocityEngine(VelocityEngine velocityEngine) { 
        velocityEngine.setProperty(ROSE_MACRO_RESOURCE_LOADER_CLASS, ClasspathResourceLoader.class