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This code example shows how to use the following methods:setDefaultServletName, setServletContext
	 * Enable forwarding to the "default" Servlet identified by the given name. 
	 * This is useful when the default Servlet cannot be auto-detected, for example when it has been manually configured. 
	 * @see DefaultServletHttpRequestHandler 
	public void enable(String defaultServletName) { 
		handler = new DefaultServletHttpRequestHandler(); 
	 * Return a handler mapping instance ordered at {@link Integer#MAX_VALUE} containing the 
	 * {@link DefaultServletHttpRequestHandler} instance mapped to {@code "/**"}; or {@code null} if 
	 * default servlet handling was not been enabled. 
	protected AbstractHandlerMapping getHandlerMapping() { 
		if (handler == null) { 
			return null; 
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