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This code example shows how to use the following methods:isMultiActionControllerType
		String path = (className.endsWith(CONTROLLER_SUFFIX) ? 
				className.substring(0, className.indexOf(CONTROLLER_SUFFIX)) : className); 
		if (path.length() > 0) { 
		if (isMultiActionControllerType(beanClass)) { 
			return new String[] {pathMapping.toString(), pathMapping.toString() + "/*"}; 
		else { 
			return new String[] {pathMapping.toString() + "*"}; 
	 * Build a path prefix for the given controller bean class. 
	 * @param beanClass the controller bean class to generate a mapping for 
	 * @return the path prefix, potentially including subpackage names as path elements 
	private StringBuffer buildPathPrefix(Class beanClass) { 
		StringBuffer pathMapping = new StringBuffer();