Spring Framework BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping - top ranked examples from Open Source projects

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This code example shows how to use the following methods:getApplicationContext, getHandlerInternal
public class BindingBeanNameUrlHandlerMapping extends BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping { 
    private static final transient Logger LOG = LoggerFactory.getLogger(BindingBeanNameUrlHandlerMapping.class); 
    protected Object getHandlerInternal(HttpServletRequest request) throws Exception { 
        Object object = super.getHandlerInternal(request); 
        if (object instanceof String) { 
            String handlerName = (String) object; 
            object = getApplicationContext().getBean(handlerName); 
        if (object instanceof HandlerExecutionChain) { 
            HandlerExecutionChain handlerExecutionChain = (HandlerExecutionChain) object; 
            object = handlerExecutionChain.getHandler(); 
        if (object != null) { 
            // prevent CSRF attacks 
            if (object instanceof DestinationFacade) { 
                // check supported methods