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This code example shows how to use the following methods:setThemeName
		if (newTheme != null) { 
			ThemeResolver themeResolver = RequestContextUtils.getThemeResolver(request); 
			if (themeResolver == null) { 
				throw new IllegalStateException("No ThemeResolver found: not in a DispatcherServlet request?"); 
			themeResolver.setThemeName(request, response, newTheme); 
		// Proceed in any case. 
		return true; 
This code example shows how to use the following methods:resolveThemeName
	public static Theme getTheme(HttpServletRequest request) { 
		ThemeResolver themeResolver = getThemeResolver(request); 
		ThemeSource themeSource = getThemeSource(request); 
		if (themeResolver != null && themeSource != null) { 
			String themeName = themeResolver.resolveThemeName(request); 
			return themeSource.getTheme(themeName); 
		else { 
			return null; 
	 * Return a read-only {@link Map} with "input" flash attributes saved on a 
	 * previous request. 
	 * @param request the current request 
	 * @return a read-only Map, or {@code null} if not found 
	 * @see FlashMap 
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