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	 * @see #getLocaleResolver 
	 * @see org.springframework.context.i18n.LocaleContextHolder#getLocale() 
	public static Locale getLocale(HttpServletRequest request) { 
		LocaleResolver localeResolver = getLocaleResolver(request); 
		return (localeResolver != null ? localeResolver.resolveLocale(request) : request.getLocale()); 
	 * Retrieve the current time zone from the given request, using the 
	 * TimeZoneAwareLocaleResolver bound to the request by the DispatcherServlet 
	 * (if available), falling back to the system's default time zone. 
	 * <p>Note: This method returns {@code null} if no specific time zone can be 
	 * resolved for the given request. This is in contrast to {@link #getLocale} 
	 * where there is always the request's accept-header locale to fall back to. 
	 * <p>Consider using {@link org.springframework.context.i18n.LocaleContextHolder#getTimeZone()} 
	 * which will normally be populated with the same TimeZone: That method only 
	 * differs in terms of its fallback to the system time zone if the LocaleResolver 
	 * hasn't provided provided a specific time zone (instead of this method's {@code null}). 
	 * @param request current HTTP request 
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