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 * If the target restlet is an {@link org.restlet.Application}, it will be used 
 * directly. Otherwise, it will be wrapped in an instance of {@link Application}. 
 * @author Rhett Sutphin 
public class RestletFrameworkServlet extends FrameworkServlet { 
    /** The default bean name for the target Restlet. */ 
    private static final String DEFAULT_TARGET_RESTLET_BEAN_NAME = "root"; 
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; 
    /** The adapter of Servlet calls into Restlet equivalents. */ 
    private volatile ServletAdapter adapter; 
    /** The bean name of the target Restlet. */ 
    private volatile String targetRestletBeanName; 
     * Creates the Restlet {@link Context} to use if the target application does 
     * not already have a context associated, or if the target restlet is not an 
This code example shows how to use the following methods:getContextClass
    public Class<?> getContextClass() { 
        if (ContextClassUtil.isJBossAS5orHigher()) { 
            return ContextClassUtil.getVFSWebContextClass(); 
        } else { 
            return super.getContextClass(); 
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