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@Import({ PropertyConfig.class, MongoConfig.class, SchedulingConfig.class, WebSecurityConfig.class, MethodSecurityConfig.class, MonitoringConfig.class }) 
public class AppConfig { 
  public StandardServletMultipartResolver multipartResolver() { 
    return new StandardServletMultipartResolver(); 
This code example shows how to use the following methods:
 * {@link MultipartResolver} to use instead of {@link StandardServletMultipartResolver}. 
 * @author Gotzon Illarramendi 
public class HdivStandardServletMultipartResolver extends StandardServletMultipartResolver { 
	public boolean isMultipart(HttpServletRequest request) { 
		HdivMultipartException multipartException = (HdivMultipartException) request 
		if (multipartException != null) { 
			Exception orig = multipartException.getOriginal(); 
			if (orig instanceof MultipartException) { 
				throw (MultipartException) orig; 
			} else { 
				throw new MultipartException("Could not parse multipart servlet request", orig);