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 * were omitted, only the part matched by the asterisk would be used as key. 
 * @author Felix Gnass [fgnass at neteye dot de] 
 * @since 6.4 
public class PropertiesPlaceholderConfigurer extends  
		ServletContextPropertyPlaceholderConfigurer { 
	protected String resolvePlaceholder(String placeholder, Properties props) {	 
		int i = placeholder.indexOf('*'); 
		if (i != -1) { 
			return resolveAll(props, placeholder.substring(0, i)); 
		return super.resolvePlaceholder(placeholder, props); 
	protected String resolveAll(Properties props, String match) { 
		String prefix = match; 
		int i = match.indexOf('('); 
		if (i != -1) {