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	public PortletRequestHandledEvent(Object source, String portletName,
			String portletMode, String requestType, String sessionId,
			String userName, long processingTimeMillis) {
		super(source, sessionId, userName, processingTimeMillis);
		this.portletName = portletName;
		this.portletMode = portletMode;
		this.requestType = requestType;
	 * Create a new PortletRequestHandledEvent. 
	 * @param source the component that published the event 
	 * @param portletName the name of the portlet that handled the request 
	 * @param portletMode the PortletMode of the request (usually 'view', 'edit', or 'help') 
	 * @param requestType the type of Portlet request ('action' or 'render') 
	 * @param sessionId the id of the HTTP session, if any 
	 * @param userName the name of the user that was associated with the 
	 * request, if any (usually the UserPrincipal) 
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