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	 * @see org.springframework.web.context.support.ContextExposingHttpServletRequest 
	protected HttpServletRequest getRequestToExpose(HttpServletRequest originalRequest) { 
		if (this.exposeContextBeansAsAttributes || this.exposedContextBeanNames != null) { 
			return new ContextExposingHttpServletRequest( 
					originalRequest, getWebApplicationContext(), this.exposedContextBeanNames); 
		return originalRequest; 
	 * Subclasses must implement this method to actually render the view. 
	 * <p>The first step will be preparing the request: In the JSP case, 
	 * this would mean setting model objects as request attributes. 
	 * The second step will be the actual rendering of the view, 
	 * for example including the JSP via a RequestDispatcher. 
	 * @param model combined output Map (never {@code null}), 
	 * with dynamic values taking precedence over static attributes 
	 * @param request current HTTP request 
	 * @param response current HTTP response