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This code example shows how to use the following methods:getEnvironment, loadBeanDefinitions
        // Create a new XmlBeanDefinitionReader for the given BeanFactory. 
        GroovyBeanDefinitionReader beanDefinitionReader = new GroovyBeanDefinitionReader(beanFactory); 
        // Configure the bean definition reader with this context's 
        // resource loading environment. 
//        beanDefinitionReader.setEntityResolver(new ResourceEntityResolver(this)); 
        // Allow a subclass to provide custom initialization of the reader, 
        // then proceed with actually loading the bean definitions. 
     * Initialize the bean definition reader used for loading the bean 
     * definitions of this context. Default implementation is empty. 
     * <p>Can be overridden in subclasses, e.g. for turning off XML validation 
     * or using a different XmlBeanDefinitionParser implementation. 
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