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	public void testFindAddress() { 
		final int id = 1;
		Address expected = new Address(id, "15 My Street", "My Town", "POSTCODE", "My Country");
		BindingAwareModelMap model = new BindingAwareModelMap();
		String result = instance.findAddress(id, model);
		assertEquals("address-display", result);
		Address resultAddress = (Address) model.get("address");
		assertEquals(expected.getId(), resultAddress.getId());
		assertEquals(expected.getStreet(), resultAddress.getStreet());
		assertEquals(expected.getTown(), resultAddress.getTown());
		assertEquals(expected.getPostCode(), resultAddress.getPostCode());
		assertEquals(expected.getCountry(), resultAddress.getCountry());
This code example shows how to use the following methods:
	private Object view;
	private boolean requestHandled = false;
	private final ModelMap defaultModel = new BindingAwareModelMap();
	private ModelMap redirectModel;
	private boolean redirectModelScenario = false;
	private boolean ignoreDefaultModelOnRedirect = false;
	private final SessionStatus sessionStatus = new SimpleSessionStatus();
	 * Set a view name to be resolved by the DispatcherServlet via a ViewResolver. 
	 * Will override any pre-existing view name or View.