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This code example shows how to use the following methods:detectValidationMode
					"Did you attempt to load directly from a SAX InputSource without specifying the " + 
					"validationMode on your XmlBeanDefinitionReader instance?", ex);
		try { 
			return this.validationModeDetector.detectValidationMode(inputStream);
		catch (IOException ex) {
			throw new BeanDefinitionStoreException("Unable to determine validation mode for [" +
					resource + "]: an error occurred whilst reading from the InputStream.", ex);
	 * Register the bean definitions contained in the given DOM document. 
	 * Called by {@code loadBeanDefinitions}. 
	 * <p>Creates a new instance of the parser class and invokes 
	 * {@code registerBeanDefinitions} on it. 
	 * @param doc the DOM document 
	 * @param resource the resource descriptor (for context information) 
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