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public class MergeJPAPersistenceResource extends MergeXmlConfigResource { 
    private static final Log LOG = LogFactory.getLog(MergeJPAPersistenceResource.class);
    private ErrorHandler handler = new SimpleSaxErrorHandler(LOG);
    public Resource getMergedConfigResource(ResourceInputStream[] sources) throws BeansException {
        Resource configResource = null;
        ResourceInputStream merged = null;
        try { 
            List<String> mappingFiles = new ArrayList<String>(20);
            ResourceInputStream[] inMemoryStreams = new ResourceInputStream[sources.length];
            for (int j=0;j<sources.length;j++){
                byte[] sourceArray = buildArrayFromStream(sources[j]);
                compileMappingFiles(mappingFiles, sourceArray);
                inMemoryStreams[j] = new ResourceInputStream(new ByteArrayInputStream(sourceArray), sources[j].getName());
            merged = merge(inMemoryStreams);
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public class JsrBeanDefinitionDocumentReaderTests extends AbstractJsrTestCase { 
	private static final String JOB_PARAMETERS_BEAN_DEFINITION_NAME = "jsr_jobParameters";
	private Log logger = LogFactory.getLog(getClass());
	private DocumentLoader documentLoader = new DefaultDocumentLoader();
	private ErrorHandler errorHandler = new SimpleSaxErrorHandler(logger);
	public void testGetJobParameters() { 
		Properties jobParameters = new Properties();
		jobParameters.setProperty("jobParameter1", "jobParameter1Value");
		jobParameters.setProperty("jobParameter2", "jobParameter2Value");
		JsrXmlApplicationContext applicationContext = new JsrXmlApplicationContext(jobParameters);
		applicationContext.load(new ClassPathResource("baseContext.xml"),
				new ClassPathResource("/META-INF/batch.xml"),
				new ClassPathResource("/META-INF/batch-jobs/jsrPropertyPreparseTestJob.xml"));
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  private boolean validating;
  public AbstractDomXmlRpcParser() { 
    setEntityResolver(new XmlRpcDtdResolver()); 
    setErrorHandler(new SimpleSaxErrorHandler(logger));
   * Creates a new XML document by parsing the given InputStream. 
   * @param inputStream 
   *          the InputStream to parse. 
   * @return the created XML document. 
   * @throws XmlRpcServerException 
   *           if there are any internal errors. 
   * @throws XmlRpcParsingException 
   *           if there are any errors during the parsing. 
  protected final Document loadXmlDocument(InputStream inputStream) {