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This code example shows how to use the following methods:getParentThemeSource, setParentThemeSource
		if (context.containsLocalBean(THEME_SOURCE_BEAN_NAME)) {
			ThemeSource themeSource = context.getBean(THEME_SOURCE_BEAN_NAME, ThemeSource.class);
			// Make ThemeSource aware of parent ThemeSource. 
			if (context.getParent() instanceof ThemeSource && themeSource instanceof HierarchicalThemeSource) {
				HierarchicalThemeSource hts = (HierarchicalThemeSource) themeSource;
				if (hts.getParentThemeSource() == null) {
					// Only set parent context as parent ThemeSource if no parent ThemeSource 
					// registered already. 
					hts.setParentThemeSource((ThemeSource) context.getParent());
			if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) {
				logger.debug("Using ThemeSource [" + themeSource + "]");
			return themeSource;
		else { 
			// Use default ThemeSource to be able to accept getTheme calls, either 
			// delegating to parent context's default or to local ResourceBundleThemeSource. 
			HierarchicalThemeSource themeSource = null;
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