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This code example shows how to use the following methods:createRemoteInvocation
	 * @param methodInvocation the current AOP method invocation 
	 * @return the RemoteInvocation object 
	 * @see RemoteInvocationFactory#createRemoteInvocation 
	protected RemoteInvocation createRemoteInvocation(MethodInvocation methodInvocation) { 
		return getRemoteInvocationFactory().createRemoteInvocation(methodInvocation); 
	 * Convert the given RMI RemoteException that happened during remote access 
	 * to Spring's RemoteAccessException if the method signature does not declare 
	 * RemoteException. Else, return the original RemoteException. 
	 * @param method the invoked method 
	 * @param ex the RemoteException that happened 
	 * @return the exception to be thrown to the caller 
	private Exception convertRmiAccessException(RemoteException ex, Method method) { 
		return RmiClientInterceptorUtils.convertRmiAccessException(method, ex, isConnectFailure(ex), getJndiName()); 
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