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		catch (SOAPFaultException ex) {
			throw new JaxWsSoapFaultException(ex);
		catch (ProtocolException ex) {
			throw new RemoteConnectFailureException(
					"Could not connect to remote service [" + getEndpointAddress() + "]", ex);
		catch (WebServiceException ex) {
			throw new RemoteAccessException(
					"Could not access remote service at [" + getEndpointAddress() + "]", ex);
	 * Perform a JAX-WS service invocation on the given port stub. 
	 * @param invocation the AOP method invocation 
	 * @param portStub the RMI port stub to invoke 
	 * @return the invocation result, if any 
	 * @throws Throwable in case of invocation failure