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This code example shows how to use the following methods:setPersistenceProviderPackageName
		this.persistenceUnitInfo = determinePersistenceUnitInfo(managerToUse); 
		JpaVendorAdapter jpaVendorAdapter = getJpaVendorAdapter(); 
		if (jpaVendorAdapter != null && this.persistenceUnitInfo instanceof SmartPersistenceUnitInfo) { 
			((SmartPersistenceUnitInfo) this.persistenceUnitInfo).setPersistenceProviderPackageName( 
		PersistenceProvider provider = getPersistenceProvider(); 
		if (provider == null) { 
			String providerClassName = this.persistenceUnitInfo.getPersistenceProviderClassName(); 
			if (providerClassName == null) { 
				throw new IllegalArgumentException( 
						"No PersistenceProvider specified in EntityManagerFactory configuration, " + 
						"and chosen PersistenceUnitInfo does not specify a provider class name either"); 
			Class<?> providerClass = ClassUtils.resolveClassName(providerClassName, getBeanClassLoader()); 
			provider = (PersistenceProvider) BeanUtils.instantiateClass(providerClass); 
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