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This code example shows how to use the following methods:setProperty
	public void testContainerAttributesWithCustomContainerIpAndHostname() { 
		final String customIp = "";
		final String customHostname = "testhost";
		MockEnvironment environment = new MockEnvironment();
		environment.setProperty(CONTAINER_IP_KEY, customIp);
		environment.setProperty(CONTAINER_HOST_KEY, customHostname);
		final ContainerServerApplication containerServerApplication = new ContainerServerApplication();
		final ContainerAttributes containerAttributes = containerServerApplication.containerAttributes();
		Assert.assertEquals(customIp, containerAttributes.getIp());
		Assert.assertEquals(customHostname, containerAttributes.getHost());
	public void testContainerAttributesWithCustomEmptyStringContainerIpAndHostname() { 
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This code example shows how to use the following methods:
    private MockEnvironment environment; 
    public void setUp() { 
        webApplicationContext = new XmlWebApplicationContext(); 
        environment = new MockEnvironment(); 
        webApplicationContext.setServletContext(new MockServletContext()); 
        new YamlServletProfileInitializer().initialize(webApplicationContext); 
     * We have a condition in the AutzhAuthenticationManager that automatically 
     * fails a password validation for zero length password. 
     * This test prevents that the authzAuthenticationMgr gets swapped out without 
     * the developer being notified. 
     * @throws Exception 
    public void verifyAuthzAuthenticationManagerClassInStandardProfile() throws Exception { 
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