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		if (inValue instanceof SqlTypeValue) {
			((SqlTypeValue) inValue).setTypeValue(ps, paramIndex, sqlType, typeName);
		else if (inValue instanceof SqlValue) {
			((SqlValue) inValue).setValue(ps, paramIndex);
		else if (sqlType == Types.VARCHAR || sqlType == Types.NVARCHAR ||
				sqlType == Types.LONGVARCHAR || sqlType == Types.LONGNVARCHAR) {
			ps.setString(paramIndex, inValue.toString());
		else if ((sqlType == Types.CLOB || sqlType == Types.NCLOB) && isStringValue(inValue.getClass())) {
			String strVal = inValue.toString();
			if (strVal.length() > 4000) {
				// Necessary for older Oracle drivers, in particular when running against an Oracle 10 database. 
				// Should also work fine against other drivers/databases since it uses standard JDBC 4.0 API. 
				try { 
					if (sqlType == Types.NCLOB) {
						ps.setNClob(paramIndex, new StringReader(strVal), strVal.length());
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