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	protected DataAccessException convertJdbcAccessException(SQLException ex) { 
		SQLExceptionTranslator translator = getJdbcExceptionTranslator(); 
		if (translator == null) { 
			translator = getDefaultJdbcExceptionTranslator(); 
		return translator.translate("Hibernate-related JDBC operation", null, ex); 
	 * Obtain a default SQLExceptionTranslator, lazily creating it if necessary. 
	 * <p>Creates a default 
	 * {@link org.springframework.jdbc.support.SQLErrorCodeSQLExceptionTranslator} 
	 * for the SessionFactory's underlying DataSource. 
	protected synchronized SQLExceptionTranslator getDefaultJdbcExceptionTranslator() { 
		if (this.defaultJdbcExceptionTranslator == null) { 
			this.defaultJdbcExceptionTranslator = SessionFactoryUtils.newJdbcExceptionTranslator(getSessionFactory()); 
		return this.defaultJdbcExceptionTranslator; 
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